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(Currently offering Cell Culture Summer Module)
During the 2 weeks SCIF lab session/workshop (4 hrs/day), selected (up to 8) graduate students will acquire skills and hands on training focused on micro/nanofabrication processing as well as cell/tissue culture techniques. In particular, students will be assigned to work and trainings on a set of equipments related to soft photolithography, microfluidics, electrospinning, imaging techniques as well as will work in a BioSafety Level 2 certified areas for cell culture experiments.
During the first two days, equipment specific training will be completed and the students will then be (until the end of second training week) supplemented with various trial experiments and virtual demonstrations to introduce the concepts of nanotechnology and cell/tissue culture work. In addition, these students will independently follow their respective experiment timelines under the supervision of senior SCIF researchers and PIs. Such research mentoring workshops will also enable intra institutional access to core and shared facilities for students to foster the interdisciplinary of the curricular modules. No prerequisites needed.

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