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Computation and Scientific Modeling

The computation and scientific modeling summer module (4 hrs/day) is geared toward students (up to 20) who have relatively little programming experience or students/researchers that need a refresher. No prerequisites needed.
In the ever changing world of scientific research there has been a growing demand for researchers and students to possess programming skills that assist them to analyze data, develop simulations and run programs on computational clusters.
We have developed an intensive and high impact two week course that exposes research students to four main languages that are essential in todays computational science fields:
  • Bash
  • R
  • Python
  • C
We develop both basic and advanced scientific topics in these languages and environments, which will assist students to begin programming with their own research in mind.
The topics include:
  •  An introduction to Bash and data parsing
  • Statistical analysis in R
  • Simulation and modeling in both Python and C

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