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Graduate Education

CCBM Scholars

Benefits of being a CCBM Scholar & CCBM Fellow

  • Access to all center activities including center thrust meetings, professional development, networking, events, outreach, etc.

  • Eligibility to become a CCBM Fellow (a renewable semester by semester GSR equivalent fellowship, and open to U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and permanent residents, as per NSF CREST funding requirements). CCBM Fellows will be selected from the pool of CCBM Scholars based on their applications.

  • Involvement in our new IB3 (Interdisciplinary Biophysical sciences, Biomaterials, Biotechnology) graduate emphasis program: more information.

  • First priority access to 2-week hands-on training modules in Imaging and Spectroscopy, NanoBio Technology, and Computation and Modeling each summer.

  • Mentoring opportunities in CCBM-led undergraduate research programs and other center programs.

  • Ability to request funds for research-related materials/supplies/travel/training as authorized by CCBM leadership and PIs, as funds and pandemic permit.

CCBM Fellows

CCBM Fellows should ideally have the in-depth disciplinary knowledge as well as the versatility needed to cross disciplinary boundaries and the ability to do team science in an interdisciplinary environment. The following training requirements were put together with the intention of giving all CCBM fellows a common grounding in basic techniques and skills from multiple disciplines that are important in the biophysical sciences, biomaterials and biotechnology.

Training Requirements