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Bin Liu

Assistant Professor of Physics Bin Liu
Professional Title: 
Associate Professor of Physics, Thrust 3
BSP 111
  • Ph.D., 2006 -- New York University
  • M.S., 2002 -- New York University
  • B.S., 2000 -- Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Lab Location: 
SE1 381
Research Interests: 
  • Biofluid dynamics
  • Geo-inspired fluid-structure interactions
  • Nonewtonian flows
  • Computational fluid dyanmics with mobile boundaries
  • Simple models of nonlinear systems

The equipment proposed for use by the Center will include a 3D tracking microscope system for high-speed tracking of individual microorganisms. This fully customized microscopy includes a Nikon Ti/U Inverted Microscope with phase contrast and dark field imaging, a PInano XYZ High Dynamic Piezo Stage, a Prior ProScan XYZ Substage, a high-speed camera, and customized softwares for synchronized inline data analysis and fast motion control with nano-scale resolutions. The microorganisms will be prepared using our cell culturing and labeling facilities.

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